Shop for the best freestanding vertical surfboard rack from Living in Sunshine

Shop for the best freestanding vertical surfboard rack from Living in Sunshine

Upgrade your surfboard storage game with the best freestanding vertical surfboard rack from Living in Sunshine. Imagine the convenience of having your boards stored vertically without needing to drill holes in your walls. With just a splash of floor space, you can provide your surfboards with a lifelong home.

The beauty of freestanding surfboard racks lies in their versatility and ease of relocation. Unlike wall racks that require meticulous installation and limited mobility, freestanding racks from Living in Sunshine can be effortlessly moved around whenever you need to rearrange your space. Whether indoors, outdoors, or across your home, these racks adapt to your needs without hassle.

While most freestanding racks accommodate vertical storage, they offer ample overhead clearance, making them suitable for a variety of board sizes, from shorter boards to lengthy novice ones up to 10 feet long. They're even versatile enough to double as ski racks, ensuring that no matter the size of your boards, there's a perfect storage solution available.

Living in Sunshine understands this need and offers eco-friendly surfboard display stands that not only protect your boards but also elevate them into stunning freestanding displays. Crafted from durable bamboo, these racks are built to last a lifetime, ensuring that no compromises were made in their construction.

Assembly is a breeze with Living in Sunshine's high-quality bamboo options, requiring nothing more than your hands to secure your boards in place. Once assembled, these racks are not only visually appealing but also incredibly portable and sturdy. Protecting your surfboards with these displays instills confidence both on land and in the lineup, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – catching the perfect wave.

Moreover, ensuring your boards are adequately waxed is obviously crucial for maintaining grip while surfing which is why we created "The Wax Box." Designed to keep your wax from melting, it features an insulated interior that preserves the consistency of your wax even in warmer conditions.

But that's not all – The Wax Box also incorporates a built-in wax scraper and comb. This dual-purpose tool not only helps you apply wax effectively but also conveniently doubles as the lid of the box, keeping everything tidy and organized. With The Wax Box, you can say goodbye to melted wax and messy storage, ensuring that your surf sessions are always on point.

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